Omega Optical Partners with Olympus America

Filter Set by Omega Optical

Filter Set by Omega Optical

August 2, 2012

Omega Optical is partnering with Olympus America to provide customers with fluorescence microscopy filters mounted in genuine Olympus manufactured filter cubes. The closer relationship between the companies will provide greater convenience to customers.

Both Olympus America and Omega Optical want to avoid the potential problems of misaligned filters placed in non-original microscope cubes. In addition, the partnership will allow for faster response to filter requests for the new BX3 and IX3 models that require click-on type cubes. Omega Optical will continue offering the BX/IX turret style dovetailed cubes.

Filter Set by Omega Optical

Along with the Olympus cubes, Omega Optical has developed QuantaMAX, single substrate hard-coated filters and sets, to provide complete premium performance. The QuantaMAX sets are designed to offer both dichroic filters steep cut-on edges and the excitation and emission filters > 90% transmission. The optimized set of excitation, dichroic, and emission filters are mounted in genuine Olympus filter cubes. They enhance the collection of your fluorescence microscopy sample signal.

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