New Optical Fibers for CO2 and Er:YAG Lasers

Optical Fibers for IR Applications

New Optical Fibers Hollow Silica Waveguides

New Optical Fibers Hollow Silica Waveguides


Optical fibers are being requested for laser systems more and more, in particular pigtails for pump modules and medical laser systems. For these applications LASER COMPONENTS now offers so-called Hollow Silica Waveguides (HSWTM) from our new partner Polymicro Technologies.

These fibers were specially designed for IR applications, that is primarily for use with CO2 (10.6 µm) and Er:YAG (2.94 µm) lasers. They are meant to replace the very expensive and complex articulated arms, resulting in a significant cost reduction.

These fibers allow applications under harsh environmental conditions and the fast changing of laser geometry. The special design of the fiber geometry and the properties of the buffer allow up to 100 W of power to be transmitted without additional cooling.

HSWTM fibers are available in the following standard sizes (ID/OD/Buffer): 300/400/750, 500/650/850, 750/950/1200, and 1000/1300/1600. HSWTM fibers are generally assembled with SMA (905 and 906), ST, and FC connectors. Customer-specific core and buffer sizes are available as well as connectors or optically-broken, free fiber ends.

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