New Noga Light NL-94AU: The new model has been released as NL-94AU, was authorized for flight by the Australian CASA


June 28, 2012

New Noga Light, which specializes in planning, manufacturing and marketing of thermal imagery and image intensifying devices, has recently started the promotion of an advanced model of its ANVIS (Aviator Night Vision Imaging System), the NL-93. The new model has been released as NL-94AU, was authorized for flight by the Australian CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority), and is currently marketed in Australia and New Zealand. CASA is considered as the second most important civil aviation authority in the world, after the American FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

“We have housed XR5 Golden bullet Image Intensifying Tubes from Photonis in the NL-94AU, which are considered as one of the best tubes in the world.” Says Lior Shalev, New Noga Light’s CEO. “The company has carved on its flag in the past to supply only the best of quality devices, and the NL-94AU is just our proof that we hold on to our promise. The aviation market, along with the aviators, its End Users, is very selective when choosing the ANVIS they are going to fly with. Nighttime flight is done only in some countries, since it requires special budgets and training. The authorities which use this capability choose if and with which devices they are willing to go into their complex missions, which they have to face when choosing this modus operandi.” Shalev sums up.

New Noga Light is considered a leader in the night vision world, when it comes to the personal night vision devices the sole operators use, while considering all aspects of operation from walking, running and weapon handling during nighttime, to driving, target acquisitioning and flying. The company markets its products worldwide (in conjunction with marketing and export licenses from the Israeli MOD) from two locations in Israel- Petach Tikva in the center, and Kazerin in the Golan Heights, where the production plant is, and competes in various high scale tenders in front of market, often with success.

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