High-speed MidIR spectroscopy device (3.0 -4.6 µm)

High-speed MidIR spectroscopy device

High-speed MidIR spectroscopy device

July 13, 2012

New LUXELL CORE WITH LVF spectroscopy device for spectral measurements in the 3.0 to 4.6 µm. Based on an uncooled linear array, this device allows the measurement of 5000 spectral lines per second that will provide you the spectral information (absorption / emission) of the target inthe MidIR region.

Main features:
- Detector: Linear array FPA, VPD PbSe material, 128 pixels, with Linear Variable Filter; pixel size: 1,000 microns; pixel pitch: 100 microns
- Spectral linear filter: variable bandpass from 2.995 microns to 4.6 microns; Spectral resolution: 60 nm/px
- Configurable integration time
- Data communications: Ethernet, 100 Mbps
- Data rate: 5000 spectral lines per second
- Several optics available (not included)
- Software provided: acquisition and visualization (Windows version)

Main applications:
- Gas detection and characterization: CO/CO2. hydrocarbons
- Plastic classification
- Modified Atmosphere Packaging studies
- Food industry

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