New Infrared Technologies expands the OEM module solutions for the uncooled MWIR imaging and linear arrays, with the new CORE-S modules

NIT CORE-S module

New Infrared Technologies CORE-S module

July 20, 2012

New Infrared Technologies, the world leader manufacturer of uncooled MWIR imaging FPAs, complements the MATRIX 1024 and the LUXELL SERIES with the new CORE-S module which represents a low-cost electronic solution for the uncooled imaging and linear arrays, mainly oriented for integration. The module incorporates the FPA (in uncooled operation) and the A/D stage that includes the intelligent dark current subtraction module to avoid the use of a mechanical chopper. The system allows a maximum acquisition speed of 100 images per second for the MATRIX 1024 FPA, and a maximum of 1,200 lines per second for the scanning system based on the 64-pixel LUXELL FPA (600 lps for the 128-px FPA, and 300 lps for the 256-px FPA). The integration time can be also set in a range between 2 us and 100 us. The module is controlled and transmits the raw data (14 bit) via a USB interface using the NIT SOFTWARE SUITE provided.

The new CORE-S modules have multiple applications in the industrial market: manufacturing process control, quality inspection, gas and fi re detection, among others. They have other applications in the laser industry for beam profi ling with lasers in the 1 - 5 microns range. A specifi c version for spectroscopy measurements between 3.0 and 4.6 microns is available.

New Infrared Technologies manufactures MWIR (1 - 5 microns) uncooled detectors, being the only company off ering high-speed imaging FPAs with these characteristics. The product off er is completed with linear arrays for scanning systems and single element detectors (cooled detectors also available), also off ering electronic modules for high-speed acquisition (2,000 images per second and up to 20,000 lines per second), cameras for R+D and detectors for spectroscopy applications, all based on self-produced sensors.
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