Missile Dome Protects Sensitive Devices

Meller Optics domes

Meller Optics domes

December 26, 2012

Missile domes that can be custom fabricated from sapphire to protect cameras, sensors, detectors, and other devices from high-speed sand and water are available from Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island.

Meller Sapphire Optical Domes feature Moh 9 hardness which is second only to diamond and offer 160 degree maximum included angles to extend the viewing angle of missile guidance systems. Protecting sensitive devices in extremely harsh physical environments, they provide up to 85% transmission uncoated in the UV to IR, with up to 99% when A/R coated on two sides.

Custom engineered with precise edge steps and mounting profiles, Meller Sapphire Optical Domes are available in sizes up to 4” O.D., exhibit surface accuracy to < 1 fringe @ 633nm, and finishes to 20-10 scratch-dig per MIL-PRF-13830. Missile domes can also be fabricated from spinel which features Moh 8 hardness in sizes up to 6” O.D. for larger applications.

Meller Sapphire Optical Domes are priced depending upon configuration and quantity. Price quotations are provided upon request.

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