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Meller Optics

Meller Optics IR and broadband optics

August 22, 2012

Custom fabricated IR and broadband optics that match the material and surface characteristics required for the application, to provide the best value, are available from Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island.

Meller IR & Broadband Optics can be fabricated to specification from the optimum material to meet application requirements, based upon wavelength and environmental factors, including surface 1/4 and 1/10th wave surfaces and 10-5 scratch-dig finishes. Offering plano convex, concave, and meniscus configurations, sizes can range from 1/4” to 6” O.D. or diagonal with tolerances to ±0.005” and thickness to ±0.002”, depending upon material.

Conforming to MIL-PRF-13830, Meller IR & Broadband Optics can be made from sapphire and spinel for demanding environments, germanium for detector and sensor applications, zinc selenide and sulfide for lasers, medical instruments, and FLIR, calcium and magnesium fluoride for non-hygroscopic front surface applications, and from silicon for mirrors and reflectors. A wide variety of A/R, partial, and total reflective coatings are available.

Meller IR & Broadband Optics are priced according to material, configuration, and quantity. Price quotations are available upon request.

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