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Better control of vacuum pressure for HHG and EUV spectroscopy.

McPherson DP100

McPherson DP100

October 23, 2012

The McPherson Model DP100 is a high vacuum pumping tee with a removable, conductance limiting aperture. The tendency of pressure to equalize in vacuum systems can sometimes interfere with experiments or prevent some detectors from operating properly. The DP100’s conductance limiting aperture creates a transition between an area of high pressure and a vacuum spectrometer or an experimental chamber at lower pressure. To best match optical systems, apertures with circular or rectangular cross sections are available. The DP100 can allow up to three orders magnitude pressure differential depending on the size of the conductance limiting aperture and the capacity of the mounted pump. The pressure ratio increases linearly with the speed of the high vacuum pump. Use the DP100 as a differential pumping section or as a more conventional pumping or gauging tee, gas inlet, or electrical feed through. McPherson is pleased to offer the DP100 with a range of fittings suitable for use with commercial vacuum components as well as beam apertures tailored for specific applications.

McPherson (Chelmsford, MA USA) manufactures a wide variety of optical instruments and systems used to measure wavelengths of light, and serves customers in university and research laboratories worldwide.

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