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CLAS-2D (XP) Camera

August 22, 2012

Rochester, New York, August 22, 2012 – Lumetrics® Inc. announced today that it has completed the acquisition of key assets of the former WaveFront Sciences Company from Abbott. This business transaction allows Lumetrics to expand its repertoire of services and grow its business substantially. Lumetrics® has already received orders for these new products and will begin shipment in September.

Lumetrics®, begun in Rochester in 2003, is known for its OptiGauge™ system, which is designed to reduce production time and enhance quality for the manufacturers of medical devices, optics, and industrial materials.

Lumetrics® has completed the movement of all manufacturing capability as well as inventory and spare parts to its Rochester, NY headquarters. Some key resources have been working with Lumetrics over the last month moving the technology and expertise to Rochester. Production has begun on the product suite and shipments of the scientific products are expected to begin in September.

Lumetrics personnel just returned from the Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Optics & Photonics trade show in San Diego, CA. This is one of the key shows for the laser and optics industry. The results were great, according to Filipp Ignatovich, Lumetrics® Chief Technology Officer. “Customers who visited our booth and spoke with us were extremely excited that WaveFront Sciences was back in business and that Lumetrics® was driving this growth’” said Ignatovich, “we’ve even received our first two orders from the show.”

CLAS-2D WaveFront Sciences sensor manufacturing & software testing

Two of the three new assets help Lumetrics® in one of its main areas of business – that of assisting lens-makers with quality control. The new assets include the ClearWave and CrystalWave products, critical in the ophthalmics industry for the production of contact lenses and intraocular lenses. With these acquisitions, Lumetrics® is able to help contact lens makers and lens-implant makers reach unprecedented levels of precision. The ultimate goal is to help manufacturers produce consistently clear, comfortable, and reliable contact and intraocular (IOL) lenses.

With a third product, the CLAS-2D sensor, Lumetrics® has the ability to monitor quality in several new arenas, most notably that of laser light. The sensor can measure, align, and direct laser light, allowing Lumetrics to work with everything from microscopic optics to satellite communications.

Lumetrics®, which started at High Tech Rochester’s (HTR) Lennox Tech Enterprise Center, is expected to grow by 40 percent, with the new acquisitions. “The WaveFront Sciences products are a perfect fit to our business, we are very excited about acquiring this crucial diagnostic tool,” said John Hart, CEO of Lumetrics®, “we share the same ophthalmic customer base and this acquisition allows us to merge our technologies to create a more feature-rich offering that will provide solutions to our customers that neither company could do on its own. We look forward to the significant growth this will create.” The new CLAS-2D suite allows Lumetrics® to expand into a whole new market with existing and new products.

Lumetrics® closed on the acquisition in July and is completing the process of the knowledge transfer to its Rochester, New York headquarters. Lumetrics® will continue to work with key individuals from WaveFront Sciences, including hardware and software engineers and sales & marketing individuals. Terms of the acquisition remain confidential.

“We have finalized orders for new systems, as well as maintenance and service contracts for existing systems,” said Steve Heveron-Smith, Vice President of Business Development. “Our engineering team, furthermore, is already talking with customers on combined Lumetrics® and WaveFront Sciences products.”

Lumetrics® has invented an accurate, non-contact measurement system designed to reduce production cycle time, and enhance quality control for manufacturers of medical devices, optics, and industrial materials. Lumetrics® has installations of its OptiGauge™ thickness measurement system in six of the top 11 medical device manufacturers in the world. The systems measure balloons, catheters, stents, and many other medical products. Lumetrics® systems are deployed in quality control departments, R&D labs, and production floors providing real-time measurements to increase yields, reduce costs, and improve quality.

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