Vortex DOEs for Laser Material Processing

Diffraktive Optical Elements

Vortex DOE

A laser beam profile looking like a donut - formed by a diffractive optical Vortex element.

December 11, 2012

Lasers have Gaussian-shaped beam profiles; this is often hindering in material processing. Diffractive optical elements are used to convert them into a uniform beam profile. Tophats are usually requested for this purpose; however, LASER COMPONENTS recommend using Vortex DOEs.

Vortex DOEs produce a donut-shaped beam profile from a TEM00 laser beam. The “intensity hole” created causes the outside edges to become steeper; this is particularly advantageous in welding, cutting, and drilling because the intensity in the beam center only contributes marginally to the process.

The Vortex DOEs from Holo/OR are flexible and easy to use. Unlike tophats, they can be used at any beam diameter and working distance. In addition, the Vortex elements are not sensitive to adjustment; that is to say, it is only necessary to hold the lateral position.

Further product information:
Diffractive Optical Elements for Beam Shaping

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