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QuantaMAX optical filters

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January 03, 2012

The range of filter products at LASER COMPONENTS comprises single and multi-bandpass filters, short and long-pass filters, beam splitters, attenuation filters, and band-stop filters. These filters cover the wavelength range from 180 nm to 20 µm. A special feature is the development and manufacturing of customized filters; the product engineers consult with the customers to get a proper filter. Standard filters are available, too.

A specialty are the QuantaMAXTM series filters from Omega Optical, Inc. This series is based technically on dual magnetron reactive sputtering, DMRS, with optical monitoring. QuantaMAXTM series filters are generally hard coated, have steep edges, a high transmission rate with sideband suppression, and best imaging quality. In applications, this manifests itself in a high signal-to-noise ratio. QuantaMAXTM filters are available as fluorescence filter sets, single and multi-bandpass filters, beam splitters, and long-pass filters in the Vis and NIR range.

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