P-CUBE Photodiode Modules for Application on an Optical Bench

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P-CUBE Photodiode Modules

P-CUBE Photodiode Modules

November 7, 2012

Precise measurement technology in a compact measurement setup: this describes the new P-CUBEs made by LASER COMPONENTS.

Low-noise, sensitive PIN photodiodes are housed in cubes. The CUBEs have an edge length of only 40 mm. To integrate them into optomechanical setups, the CUBEs can be attached to a rod system.

The following versions are available: GaP photodiode (190-570 nm), Si photodiode (200-1050 nm), InGaAs PIN photodiode (800-2200 nm). The photocurrent is obtained using a BNC connector. The P-CUBE is also available with an optical FC connector.

iAMP-700. The programmable iAMP-700 current amplifier is directly connected to the P-CUBE with a BNC connector. It is possible to achieve amplifications of 102-1011 V/A with the iAMP-700.

P-CUBE & iAMP – A Strong Combination. By combining the P-CUBE and iAMP-700, the smallest amount of light can be detected reliably. The iAMP’s EMC housing allows application in close proximity to the source. The P-CUBEs require a bias voltage between -10 V and +10 V. This can be obtained directly from the iAMP.

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