Laser Optics for IR Wavelengths

For High Energy Densities in the Laser Cavity

Laser Optics

Laser Optics

December 6, 2012

Kidney stones are effectively shattered using shock waves. These shock waves are being created more and more with the help of lasers that emit in the mid-IR range around 2 µm and 3 µm - the absorption wavelengths of water.

In the cavity of medical laser sytems coated optics are used. They have to meet the following requirements: excellent damage thresholds, „arid“ coating systems, and selected substrate materials.

LASER COMPONENTS offers low dispersion and stable coatings for medical lasers. These laser optics are produced in Germany using IBS technology, Ion Beam Sputtering. To replicate coatings later on, a computer-controlled system records the growth of the layers and regulates the coating unit fully automatically. The laser optics produced with IBS have a high density, low microroughness; their absorption is not mesureable at all. Because these coatings do not allow moisture to enter the laser optics are also chemically stable. Compared to conventional e-beam coatings the damage threshold is 10 times higher.

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