Coating of Temperature-sensitive Optics

AR Coating of GRIN Lenses

GRIN Lenses

GRIN Lenses

June 26, 2012

What has been hardly possible so far now becomes a reality! The complex coating of temperature-sensitive optics at process temperatures below 100° C is most promising – despite the long coating times required for such complex structures.

Most coatings are applied in high vacuum at temperatures well above 100° C which has a negative impact on some materials. This can lead to discoloration or malfunction.

LASER COMPONENTS has now succeeded in applying a broadband AR coating on such critical optics using IBS (ion beam sputtering). After coating, gradient-index (GRIN) optics were able to achieve an average reflection <1.5% in the range from 400 nm to 1000 nm. This allows a large wavelength bandwidth and large differences in the angle of incidence to be compensated.

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