Optical Fibers with Shaped End Surfaces

Fiber Tips with the Right Fit

Ball Lens Fiber Tip

Optical Fibers with Shaped End Surfaces

July 03, 2012

Fiber tips are optical micro-components that incorporate special optical features at the end of an optical fiber. Sculpted fiber tips boost the reliability and quality of optical systems as no additional optical components have to be integrated and the number of optical surfaces is limited.

LASER COMPONENTS now offers optical fibers with integrated fiber tips from its partner Polymicro Technologies. Polymicro has developed a method of producing individualized fiber end surfaces with an excellent reproducibility by using laser micro-machining.

When using fibers that have a silica core and doped silica cladding, the cladding remains intact in many designs; thus, the light continues to be reflected at the boundary surface between the core and the cladding. The fiber tips can be adjusted according to the optical properties required in order to meet different application needs.

In addition to classical shapes, such as spherical lenses, simple lenses, and tapered-end fibers, diffusers and so-called side-fire fibers can also be produced. The latter two fibers in particular are very commonly used in medical technology.

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