Laser Corrects Vignetting of Lenses

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Laser for Machine Vision

January 17, 2012

Simple laser systems in combination with a cylindrical lens provide a lot of light in the center of the projected line. With the high-quality laser systems, maybe even with a "Powell-lens” projecting a uniform line, it cannot be the case – can it?

17.01.2012 - The reason for this phenomenon is the vignetting of the image observing lens and in the projection of the laser itself. By using a large opening angle of the laser optic or the camera lens the described phenomenon is caused. The new COS4-corrected lasers for image pro-cessing by Laser 2000 are able to prevent this.

The special optics compensates and controls the transition in the center, which could with a 90° laser be down to 40 % and leads to a performance visibility of only 25 % at the line ends. Using the new COS4-optics enables a very uniform illumination on the sensor chip with an homogenous distribution of the laser line.

Lines with high homogeneity and projections with the greatest possible to generate uniformi-ty in the intensity was the goal of development. By means of compensation of the COS4 effect the new lasers from Laser 2000 are able to meet this demand.

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