Dual-FL combines a spectrofluorometer and spectrophotometer for simultaneous rapid collection of fluorescence and absorbance data


HORIBA Scientific's Dual-FL

September 5th, 2012

EDISON, NJ September 5th, 2012 – HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Fluorescence spectroscopy systems, just launched their new Dual-FL, which combines the only CCD-based benchtop fluorometer with a built-in UV-VIS spectrophotometer.

HORIBA Scientific addressed the need for speed when collecting spectral data and complete excitation-emission matrices(EEMs). Dual-FL features spectral rates as fast as 80,000 nm/s, and acquires EEMs up to a 100 times faster than any other instrument. Withits sensitive cooled, back-illuminated CCD detector for rapid collection of emission spectra, and an excitation double monochromator for superiorstray light rejection, the Dual-FL has Signal to Noise greater than 20,000:1RMS. The simultaneous absorbance data can be used to correct inner-filtereffects in measurement of high concentration samples, eliminating the needfor time consuming, laborious dilutions. Of course, the Dual-FL can alsobe used as a stand-alone UV-VIS, meeting spectrophotometer test specs likethe USP.

Dual-FL is a breakthrough instrument that allows unparalleled speed and ease of use for fluorescence spectroscopy, with the added bonus of meeting all of a lab’s UV-VIS needs.

The Dual-FL is currently available. Foradditional information on the new Dual-FL, please go to www.dualfluor.com

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