Elbit Systems Presents a Range of End-to-End Solutions for Terrain Dominance and Enhanced Situational Awareness at Eurosatory 2012

Rattler™ G

June 7, 2012

The following systems will be launched at the show:

VWS Radar for Active Protection Systems: Provides soft/hard protection onboard light or heavy armored vehicles and stationary applications

ELSAT 2100 Satellite on-the-move: Low profile rugged bi-directional vehicular antenna

XACT-NV32: Micro-compact night vision monocular for enhanced observation performance, head, helmet or weapon mounted

At the upcoming Eurosatory 2012 exhibition set to take place in Paris, from June 11 to 15, Elbit Systems will present a wide range of advanced systems and solutions designed for "Terrain Dominance" and enhance connectivity and interoperability. The Company’s exhibition booth (D640) in the Israeli Pavilion (Hall 6) will provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to experience a new and unique multi-media presentation, launchings of the Company's cutting-edge solutions for individual soldiers and fighting vehicles, as well as additional advanced systems and solutions for Land and C4I, Electro-Optics, EW and Protection Systems, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and more.

A new live multimedia presentation will demonstrate a variety of capabilities that position Elbit Systems as a global leader in achieving "Terrain Dominance":
Terrain Dominance is the ability to control an area, relying primarily on advanced remote-controlled technologies and autonomous means,thus minimizing human presence and exposure. This unique concept relies on total intelligence coverage of the controlled area, efficient command and control measures (including sensors and fire elements), advanced networking infrastructure for connectivity among all echelons and "fires for effect" for engaging targets throughout the controlled area. Using a variety of cutting-edge solutions and systems, Elbit Systems will demonstrate the achievement of "Terrain Dominance" via a new multi-media presentation at the Company booth.

The following will be highlighted at the Company booth:

Land and C4I Systems:
Dominator® IICS (Integrated Infantry Combat System) is an integrated infantry combat system for full situational awareness that dramatically shortens the sensor-to-shooter loop, enhancing the combat effectiveness.

Tadiran PNR-1000A (Personal Network Radio) provides on-the-move situational awareness for deployed combat units. This lightweight radio integrates high-quality intra-team voice communications with a C4I application computing unit.

Tadiran SDR-7200HH (Software-Defined Radio) is a flexible, powerful and lightweight handheld tactical radio that delivers voice and data communications with C2 applications in one unit.

Tadiran SDR-7200 (Software-Defined Radio) is driven by combat experience, enabling improved battle group C4I functions through a range of unique capabilities housed in a single radio unit.

MIPR (Military IP Radio) is a next-generation tactical IP radio that delivers high-speed broadband-data communications to the battlefield, man-packed or mounted, for ultra-high bandwidth (up to 13.3Mbps), real-time high-resolution video, images, voice and data.

Tadiran CNR-9000HDR is a multi-adaptive, VHF/FM radio system for tactical voice and high-speed data communication, available in a variety of manpack and vehicular/fixed station configurations.

Enhanced Tactical Computers (ETC) is an ultra rugged, battle-proven, high-performance tactical computer for combat vehicles.

WiT™ (Wise Intelligence Technology) offers technology solutions supporting organizational doctrines and improvement of the intelligence processes.

Electro-Optic Systems:
NEW: XACT-NV32 night vision monocular is highly advanced, micro-compact in dimensions and lightweight, while providing enhanced observation performance, head, helmet or weapon mounted.

NEW: Clip-On Coyote modular un-cooled sight easily integrates in front of any sniper's rifle telescope, weighing only 1.7 kg.

Rattler™ G is dismounted hand-held, man-portable target designator/marker which enables warfighters to rapidly bring effective fire to bear on hostile targets. Engager is an advanced covert remote reconnaissance and targeting system designed for the use of intelligence, infantry and Special Forces units. SAND are Smart All-Terrain Networked Detectors used to detect and track the movement of people and vehicles in any terrain.

Long View CR is a versatile combined day/night system for very long-range observation and target acquisition.

CORAL-CR is a hand-held 3-5 µm FPA thermal imaging camera with continuous optical zoom and the addition of an integral digital compass, GPS receiver and a laser rangefinder.

Mini ATLAS is a precision electronic goniometer that interfaces with hand-held multi-functional sensors (MFS), such as the CORAL-CR.

Mini N/Seas is a compact, monocular night vision system that offers high resolution and a clear, bright image under adverse environmental conditions.

MARS is a family of versatile reflex sights based on the concept of combining a high-precision reflex sight with a single or dual-wavelength laser pointer (visible-red and/or IR).

Solutions for Tracked, Wheeled and Armored Fighting Vehicles:
NEW: ELSAT 2100 Satellite On-The-Move (SOTM) antenna is an 80cm diameter low profile rugged bi-directional vehicular antenna with outstanding characteristics, based on a new generation planar antenna technology.

Soltam CARDOM 120mm autonomous self-propelled recoiling mortar, mounted on track or wheeled vehicles, offers significant advantages in fast deployment, accuracy, area coverage, tactical mobility flexibility and survivability.

LG²MK (Mockup) converts existing 120 mm standard mortars into pinpoint accuracy weapons. The LG²MK assures first shot hit high probability and minimum collateral damage.

Kinetics Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for MBTs and AFVs, improves the crew’s performance and safety by reducing fatigue and minimizing exposure to noise, heat and vibrations.

Kinetics Life Support Systems (LSS) for MBTs and AFVs, includes chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection and detection, as well as fire suppression systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Kinetics Environmental Control Units (ECU) for military and other Heavy Duty Shelters and for tents.

EW and Protection Systems:
NEW: VWS Radar for Active Protection Systems (APS) provides soft/hard protection and can be easily installed onboard any light or heavy armored vehicle, as well as various stationary applications.

Foxtrack™ Portable Ground Surveillance Radar System is man-portable, lightweight and compact, designed for surveillance at medium to long ranges and protection of sensitive installations, airports, or borders.

TANDIR™ Advanced Threat Warning System for Combat Vehicles is a highly effective and unique passive warning system that provides early and accurate alerts for anti-tank threats, activation of onboard passive/active countermeasures and enhanced survivability of frontline combat vehicles.

EJAB (Electronic Jammer Against Bombs) is either vehicle mounted or man-packed, providing protection of ground troops and bomb disposal squads against the threat of RCIEDs. In operational use by the Israel Defense Forces and other armed forces around the world, the sophisticated system protects against remotely activated explosive devices.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Elbit Systems’ UAS have earned international recognition and play increasingly vital roles in the global war on terrorism. The Company's UAS are the backbone of the Israel Defense Forces and other world leading armed forces.

The Company will showcase the following UAS in real size:
Skylark® I-LE (Long Endurance) is a derivative of the legacy Skylark® I UAS, already operational with several armed forces worldwide, including Israel and Allied Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. This mini/man-pack UAS is ideal for lower echelons self support reconnaissance close range beyond-the next-hill missions, offering longer endurance of up to three hours and enhanced robustness.

The following UAS will be presented in 1:10 scale:
Hermes® 900 Tactical MALE UAS, Hermes® 450 Tactical Long Endurance UAS, Hermes® 90 long endurance dual launch & recovery UAS.

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