New D-compact Series Pockels Cells with KD*P Crystals

Press Release

D compact series

Jan. 10, 2012

D compact series pockels cells EKSMA OPTICS has announced new D-compact series Pockels cells with KD*P crystals. New Pockels cells feature 1 inch diameter and rugged design. D-compact cells show high contrast ratio >1:2000 and require 6.8 kV DC typical half wave voltage at 1064 nm wavelength. DKDP crystals inside cells are windows protected and all optical parts are coated with high damage threshold AR coatings.

Optical transmission is >96% at 1064 nm or other specified wavelength. Primary applications of the new D-compact series cells are cavity Q-switching and cavity dumping of the compact medical, industrial and scientific lasers and lasers systems.

Further product information:
New D-compact Series Pockels Cells

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