COHERENT Inc at the LASYS 2012 - Product Highlights


June 05, 2012

Dieburg, 05.06.2012, From 12th to 14th of June 2012, the LASYS in Stuttgart / Germany continues to be the international market place for laser material processing.

COHERENT Inc presents, amongst its other laser offerings, its advanced, most compact and precise Laser Machining Centers. Visit Coherent Booth 4D31 in HALL 4 to learn more about their products and their variety of applications.

The METABEAM offers capacitive height sensing and a higher flow rate for assist gases, making it suitable for cutting thicker metals up to 1/8 inch stainless (3mm). Coherent's suite of Laser Machining Centers are ideal for laser cutting perfect parts from a wide range of materials including plastics, rubber and metals. Higher power allows users to process thicker materials faster, with clean cut edges directly off the machine. Each system offers a level of flexibility and speed unmatched by other cutting methods. With no setup or tooling costs, and no consumables, you will have faster turn around and lower costs with laser cutting.

DIAMOND E-1000 - The Smallest 1 kW CO2 Laser Available
The DIAMOND E-1000 is a sealed 1 kW CO2 laser measuring less than 1500 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm - including its integrated power supply - making it the most compact product available at this power level. With its unique design that includes several high performance features, it is ideally suited for use in space-sensitive applications involving cutting, drilling of paper, plastics, glass, carbon composites, and metals. The Diamond E-1000 requires no external gas supply which makes it easy to mount on to a moving robot arm.

Talisker 500
The Talisker 500 delivers over 10 Watts of ultraviolet output at 355 nm, 15 Watts of green output at 532 nm or 25 Watts of infrared output at 1064 nm. This next generation Talisker laser also increases repetition rate to 500 kHz enabling even higher throughput rates than earlier models. The combination of short (10 ps) pulse duration and flexible wavelength options makes the Talisker 500 ideal for precision, high-throughput micromachining applications in several industries, particularly those involving delicate, thin film and/or "hard, wide bandgap" materials such as glass and ceramics. Examples in the semiconductor industry include silicon scribing and dicing, drilling of through silicon vias, and scribing of low κ dielectrics. In LED fabrication, the laser's performance is ideal for scribing sapphire substrates, while in solar and other industries.

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