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colorPol® NIR

January 2012

CODIXX extends the colorPol® polarizer product family with a new product covering the near infrared range - the colorPol® NIR. With the steady raise of applications in the NIR range like matter analysis or thermography, this polarizer closes the last gap in the near infrared range.

This filter comes with a large bandwidth and provides high extinction ratios of above 10,000 : 1 (40dB) within 1200 nm - 3000 nm and above 1,000 : 1 (30dB) within 1000 nm - 3000 nm. Transmittance properties up to 87% (without AR coating) underline the entitlement to a high performance polarizer.

colorPol® NIR

Because of the unique setup of the colorPol® polarizer, which is a thin glass plate with embedded silver nano particles, it is an easy to use polarizer. Its extreme wide acceptance angle range of ± 20° and incomparable temperature stability ranging from -50° C (-58° F) up to +400° C (+750° F) allows many applications and an unbeaten lifetime.

Any type of dielectric or metallic coating can be applied to all polarizers of the colorPol® line. Even with coating the colorPol® polarizer can be processed like glass or silicon wafers. It is resistant to UV radiation, solvents, most acids and bases and complies with the RoHS directive.

Dimensions ranging from 1 x 1 mm² up to 100 x 50 mm² and different shapes are available. In addition, the filter is offered in standard versions with diameters of 12.5 mm, 25.0 mm as well as 0.5 inches and 1.0 inches, respectively.

CODIXX is a manufacturer of optical polarizers for the infrared, the visible and UV spectral range. On the cutting edge of nanotechnology, its leading role is a result of steady development since it was founded in 1998.

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