High Resolution Wavelength Measurement System

Fast, Customizable, Low Cost of Ownership

BaySpec SuperGamutTM

June 06, 2012

San Jose, CA –(June 6, 2012) - BaySpec, Inc., a leader in affordable spectroscopic instruments, today announced the SuperGamutTM Wavelength Measurement System enabling low light spectral measurements of high speed light sources from the UV to near-infrared region. Based on its in-house gratings, spectrometer designs can be customized for specific wavelength regions of interest. Optimal cooling of the detector arrays allows for greatly improved low-light spectral measurements, offering an improvement of >100x signal/noise performance in many cases.

What we can measure: UV LEDs, Visible LEDs, near infrared LEDs, superluminescent LEDs, organic LEDs (OLED), narrowband diode lasers, tunable lasers, fiber lasers, supercontinuum sources, incandescent lamps, electroluminescent lamps, gas discharge lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, among others.

Key Features:
• Customizable wavelength ranges from 190-2500nm, e.g. 1850-2150nm, 400-1700nm
• High throughput Volume Phase Grating-based design
• Real-time spectral data acquisition
• Long life-time operation
• Optimal TE Cooling options
• USB interface
• NIST calibrated (request calibration service)

The SuperGamut WMS-series benefit from experience manufacturing high-volume optical devices for the telecommunications industry, with over 35,000 various types of spectral engines in the field, BaySpec's spectrometers utilize low-cost field proven components. The WMS-series can be integrated with a fiber optic bundle and integrating sphere for accurate and precise measurements. Spec2020TM software is provided at no additional cost and SDK/dll support for OEM integration is available.

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