BaySpec Introduces Next Gen High Resolution 1064nm Raman Instrument

BaySpec RamSpecTM High Resolution 1064nm Bench-top Raman Spectrometer

Press Release


January 6, 2012

San Jose, California – January 6, 2012 BaySpec, Inc., a leading supplier of Raman instrumentation, has released of its next generation high resolution 1064 Raman Spectrometer, RamSpecTM-HR. This newly designed Raman instrument is an ultimate research grade bench top Raman spectrometer featuring unmatched sensitivity and spectral resolution for the wavelength range up to 1700nm. It is ideally suited for process control, routine analytical analysis, reaction monitoring, material identification, and mixture analysis. A light-tight sampling chamber improves ease and accuracy of sample measurements.

The BaySpec RamSpecTM-HR series 1064nm Raman spectrometer integrates multiple highly efficient Volume Phase Gratings (VPG) customized for each specific wavelength region and the deep cooled InGaAs array detectors, therefore providing a compact instrument with maximized light throughput for the highest sensitivity and spectral resolution in its class. Without any interferometric type of mechanical moving parts, the instrument is designed to meet the real world challenges with long term stability, ruggedness, and fully automated push button operation. With 1064 NIR excitation, the RamSpecTM-HR is the best solution for many of the most demand applications in cell biology, forensic, material science and food analysis when fluorescence background signal often obscures the Raman signal.

Key Features:
• Spectral range: 150-3200 cm-1
• Spectral resolution: 4 cm-1
• Automated wavelength calibration
• Compact size, transportable
• Customizable with different fiber optic probes
• Dispersive, no moving parts
• Optimized detector cooling
• Cost effective

BaySpec also offers a series of Raman OEM components including lasers, deep-cooled CCDs/InGaAs detectors, and dispersive Raman spectral graphs featuring VPG gratings that can be customized for any specific wavelength range and spectral resolution.

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