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Sapphire Windows

Sapphire Windows | Base Optics

October 19, 2012

Newark, DE,-October 19, 2012 – Base Optics (Newark, DE) has introduced a new product line of Sapphire Optical Windows in its stock catalog offering. The new Sapphire Window product line is the start of a new trend regarding quality and pricing of sapphire windows. Base Optics’ strong tradition of providing custom sapphire optics, like Optical Windows, to OEM customers with both high quality and great prices allows for this move. Leveraging our efficient procurement and manufacturing techniques we are capable of passing on significant savings directly to our catalog customers. The first set of sapphire windows being released span 3 mm up to 50.4mm in diameter and 0.2 to 4mm in thickness.

Sapphire windows transmit light over a very wide optical transmission band from UV to near-IR, (0.15-5.5µm) and are significantly stronger than other optical materials/standard glass windows thus allowing for thinner windows and higher transmissions without scarifying the strength.

A common use for the smaller size sapphire windows are as seats in various ultra-fine adjustment applications and as consumable component in the blood/optics barrier in bio-optical experiments

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