Advanced Thin Films Fuses Brands and Management in Boulder



December 12, 2012

December 12 2012, Boulder, CO ─ Advanced Thin Films is excited to announce the fusion of the Precision Photonics and ATFilms brands and capabilities under one roof. Now all together, the team is fully operational at the 5733 Central Avenue, Boulder, Colorado location. Premier coating technology, advanced optical monitoring, CADB® optical bonding and super-polished substrates are all available with a single phone call.

“The key to a successful fusion occurs when people from both sides bring their strengths to the table. Advanced Thin Films is managed by a group of highly skilled and talented group of individuals. Each manager brings his or her individual strengths to the table that will help ATFilms /Precision Photonics become even more successful in the future. Our team plays a very important role in growing the company and leading our employees,” said Joe Stupfel, Advanced Thin Films, General Manager.

ATFilms has reorganized their management team to align the leadership of the facility with the growing market. The team is led by Joe Stupfel, General Manager, and includes Ramin Lalezari, Chief Technical Officer; Bob Hallock, VP of Operations; Nicholas Traggis, VP of New Product Development; Clark Tooly, Global Strategic Sales Manager; Emily Kubacki, Director of Product Management; and Abby Reinholt, Controller. For more information on each key member, please visit

About Advanced Thin Films:
Advanced Thin Films, a Unit of IDEX Optics & Photonics, manufactures precision laser mirrors, optical coatings and assemblies using the highest level of engineering expertise available in the field today. By taking advantage of ATFilms’ advanced optical monitoring and ion-beam-sputtered (IBS) coatings and Precision Photonics' precision manufacturing and epoxy-free CADB® optical bonding technology, they are able to provide advanced laser optics and coatings for the most demanding custom applications.

Founded in July 2002, Advanced Thin Films is based in Boulder, CO. ATFilms became a Unit of IDEX Corporation in January, 2011 and joined with Precision Photonics in June, 2012 to form Advanced Thin Films LLC. For additional information about the company and its products and capabilities, visit

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