The Axio Zoom.V16 Zoom Microscope from Carl Zeiss

A new microscope class with a bright future

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Axio Zoom.V16 by Carl Zeiss
Axio Zoom.V16 by Carl Zeiss with ApoTome.2 for optical sectioning

December 5, 2011

JENA/Germany, 05.12.2011. With the Axio Zoom.V16, Carl Zeiss is defining a new instrument class in microscopy. For the first time, zoom microscopes are now combining typical benefits of stereomicroscopes such as zoom optics and long working distances with the higher resolutions of traditional light microscopes. In comparable image fields, the Axio Zoom.V16 offers a 2.5 times higher resolution and ten times brighter fluorescence than stereomicroscopes. With a 16x zoom range, the Axio Zoom.V16 surpasses all comparable microscopes currently available. An extensive line of accessories enables configurations precisely tailored to many different applications.

High-aperture zoom microscopes offer decisive benefits for many fields of application in biomedical research. Developmental biologists can localize individual cell groups in the overview of the entire embryo. These can then be observed in detail with high magnification and fluorescence illumination or digitally imaged and documented with powerful camera systems.

An illumination concept specially developed for zoom microscopes delivers considerably higher fluorescence illumination intensity, with even the smallest fluorescent structures remaining visible. Forensic scientists use this benefit, for example, to detect traces of DNA on textiles.

The Axio Zoom.V16 incorporates totally new approaches not only to visual observation, but also to imaging. Higher apertures substantially reduce the depth of field ranges in the focal plane. Structured illumination with the Apotome.2 slider system makes it possible to generate optical sectional images and 3D reconstructions of the specimens. Further leading-edge technologies in the future will increase the flexibility and application range of these zoom microscopes.

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