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The Power of Choice with TRUMPF TruMark Series

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TruMark Series

August 4, 2011

Ditzingen (Germany) August 4, 2011 - The right laser depends on the application - this also applies to laser marking. That is why "The Power of Choice" is the trade fair motto of TRUMPF's booth at the Fakuma show. For every material, from plastics to metal, TRUMPF offers the right solution from its extensive product family of laser markers. At the Fakuma visitors can take a closer look at the TruMark Series 3000, 5000 and 6000 with different wavelengths and outputs.

Fast and high-quality marking of plastics with the TruMark Series 6000
Laser markers normally emit light in an infrared wavelength range of 1064 nanometers. TRUMPF also offers TruMark Series 6000 lasers with green (532 nm) and ultraviolet light (355 nm) specifically for inscribing plastics and semiconductor materials. This means that all wavelengths relevant for laser marking plastics are available to all users. In addition, lasers from the TruMark Series 6000 are characterized by high peak pulse outputs and a high pulse-to-pulse stability.

Fiber laser marker from the TruMark Series 5000 for short marking times
For applications that require short cycle times and high surface delivery rates, the fiber laser marking series, the TruMark 5000 Series, is the machine of choice. They are able to generate pulse frequencies up to one megahertz. This results in combination with the highly dynamic scanner module in high processing speeds. The pulse duration of the TruMark 5000, in turn, does not depend on the selected pulse frequency. Instead, by taking advantage of MOFPA technology (Master Oscillator Fiber Power Amplifier), the user can adjust the pulse duration to precisely fit the laser processing to the application. As with the TruMark Series 3000 and 6000, an internal lens position control in the TruMark 5000 ensures that the lens position of the marking laser adapts to the different heights of the component.

TruMark Series 3000: High beam quality for high marking precision
High beam quality and the marking laser beam's outstanding focus capacity result in extremely high precision marking. With wavelengths in the green and infrared range, lasers from the TruMark Series 3000 offer a low cost investment in marking technology from TRUMPF. The new convection air-cooled TruMark Series 3000 is also distinguished by its compact design and modular construction. Scanner, laser head and power supply unit are connected to a hybrid cable through a plug-in connector that allows the marking laser to be easily integrated into production systems.

TruMark Series

TRUMPF supports users in selecting an appropriate marking laser
Just as the laser offers the user many possibilities as a marking tool, the path to its use in integrated applications is highly individual. The best way to match the most suitable laser with optimal process parameters is for the user and the laser manufacturer to establish a close working relationship. In TRUMPF's application labs, engineers take into account a user's entire product range when optimizing laser applications, so that laser marking can be integrated into production processes in the best possible way.

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