High Volume Inspection for High Volume Production

The TalyMaster has been specifically designed to measure multiple parts for Contour, Roughness and Roundness in a single automated operation, increasing throughput and reducing cost.

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In the fight to reduce cost and to increase throughput, machine tools have become more versatile, allowing manufacturers to reduce the number of machining processes, hence reducing operator attendance and increasing output. This has been achieved by increasing axes of movement as well as creating multi-tasking capability. Whereas drilling and turning were once carried out on separate machines, the norm is now to carry out these tasks on the same machine.

This approach has now been adopted by Taylor Hobson for metrology.

The TalyMaster system has been designed using the same philosophy. Measurement tasks such as Roughness, Roundness and Contour measurement until now could only be measured on two or even three separate instruments. This is not the case with the TalyMaster, the system's high resolution gauge and low axis noise allow roughness measurement while the high precision spindle allows axial and radial run-out inspection to a high degree of accuracy. However, to go one step further, the TalyMaster uses a patented calibration technique that allows measurement such as radius, angle and distance making it a truly versatile metrology station.

TalyMaster parts

With reference to the machine tool industry, multi-tasking is not the only requirement; in the high volume production environment multi-part handling and subsequent machining is also critical. The TalyMaster system has 5 axes of movement including a unique X, Y table configuration with position control to sub micron level.

Utilising pallets, parts can be fixed to the systems table and simple drop down menus allow the operator to choose the required measurement operation, number of parts and their location on the pallet. This simplified interface and fully automated program reduce the need for training and free up the operator to carry out further tasks.

TalyMaster roundness and contour measurement

The TalyMaster system can measure up to 50 parts in a third of the time of a conventional instrument(s), but more than this the attendance time for 50 parts on the TalyMaster is effectively the time it takes to load the pallet.

Both of these factors combine to make the TalyMaster a cost effective solution, dramatically improving throughput and reducing attendance time while maintaining measurement integrity.

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