Collimators for X-Ray Techniques

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X-Ray Collimators


piezosystem jena is pleased to announce a new piezo based collimator system for X-Ray techniques.

Current techniques in X-Ray microscopy, crystallography and small angle x-ray scattering require extremely well-collimated beams. In order to achieve the best signal to noise ratio in an x-ray system, the aperture size should be as closely matched as possible to the sample size.

Most X-ray systems use a pinhole aperture that has been drilled or laser ablated from a tungsten or tantalum disk of material. In practice this means that for every new sample size, the pinhole should be removed and a new size inserted.

A solution was developed in cooperation with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Based on two piezo driven slit systems of the series PZS 4 (part number: O-101-xx), a collimator for X-Ray techniques was made. The PZS stages are mounted of 90° in respect to each other. Because of the high resolution piezo element, the slit edges can be adjusted precisely to the required size.

With a resolution of <8 nm the system is the most accurate variable aperture system commercially available. The open architecture of the PZS slit system design allows for easy integration into a variety of X-Ray systems. A V-clamp holder allows the customer to add his own or our accessories. The entire system can be made vacuum compatible.

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