New Infrared Technologies expands its offer with new detector lines:

welcome the new LEPTON and the new LUXELL SERIES.

Press Release


New linear arrays and single element detectors from New Infrared Technologies, the only manufacturer of imaging FPA with uncooled performance in the MWIR. The new products complement the current offer of FPA-based MATRIX 1024 SERIES.

The new LUXELL SERIES includes the new offer of PbSe linear arrays, in three different configurations:

- LUXELL FPA 1 x 64 (pixel size: 1,000 microns; pitch: 100 microns)
- LUXELL FPA 1 x 128 (pixel size: 1,000 microns; pitch: 100 microns)
- LUXELL FPA 1 x 256 (pixel size: 600 microns; pitch: 60 microns)

The LUXELL FPA is offered in a PCB-style packaging, compatible with the standard LCC68 footprint, without TEC stages. These FPA combines with the readout and control electronics from the MATRIX 1024 SERIES, easing the integration in your systems and achieving an incredible performance.

The new LEPTON SERIES includes single element PbSe detectors with two different geometries: 1x1 mm, and 2x2 mm, with NIT proprietary packaging (PCB-style, with sapphire window) or TO-5 packaging, very easy to integrate in your measurement systems. If your solution requires a different geometry, please ask.

The products from the LEPTON and LUXELL SERIES have multiple applications in the defense, commercial and industrial market: industrial automation, fire, gas and spark detection, early warning, scanning systems, classification devices, spectroscopy, etc.

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