The LEPTON SERIES grows! – New devices with low noise preamplifier stage based on the LEPTON DETECTORS

The new products complete the capabilities of the single element detectors.

Press Release

LEPTON digital


Two new products have been recently introduced to complete the LEPTON SERIES: the LEPTON ANALOG PREAMP and the LEPTON PREAMP WITH DIGITAL USB OUTPUT. These devices include a low noise preamplifier stage and high-speed readout electronics for signal acquisition.


The LEPTON ANALOG PREAMP is a low noise preamplifier designed specifically to get the best performance of the single element photoconductive detectors. There are independent controls for the bias voltage of the detector, the gain and the offset for dark current cancellation, in order to allow a fine adjustment of the working point under different conditions.

Using the BNC output, the data can be easily read using an oscilloscope. The PREAMP includes a LEPTON DETECTOR with geometry of your choice (1x1 mm2 or 2x2 mm2).


The LEPTON PREAMP WITH USB OUTPUT additionally incorporates an ADC stage so that the signal can be read directly into any computer using the USB interface (20,000 samples per second). It’s provided with proprietary software for that, which also allows the configuration and control of the device.

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