mach5 – Pulse Energy Measurement up to 130 kHz

Fastest Energy Measurement Device – Also Available for DPSS and Fiber Lasers

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mach5 system


Gentec-EO introduced its new energy measurement device – the mach5 system. Six different detectors made of Si, InGaAs, and pyroelectric elements are available for selection as the measurement head.

Up to 4 million measurement points can be saved on this device - which corresponds to a measurement time of 40 seconds at a pulse frequency of 100 kHz! Besides the pulse energy, the device also calculates the frequency, average power, and pulse deviation. In addition, both the number of missing pulses and the pulses below a certain threshold value can be recorded.

The measurement results can be displayed in different ways directly on the device and then saved in a log file for processing at a later point in time.

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