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LSC-025 driver

08 November 2011

LASER COMPONENTS‘ inexpensive LSC-025 driver was developed for M- and N-type cw laser diodes with a maximum operating current of 250 mA. The wide range of supply voltage of up to 5 VDC allows the operation of blue, red, and NIR laser diodes. These diodes can be either cw operated or pulsed up to 30 kHz.

The monitor current is used as a reference value when stabilizing the power of cw laser diodes. It can be anywhere between 50 µA and 500 µA. Irrespective of outside influences, the desired output power remains extremely constant within an accuracy of 1.5%.

The driver is used in combination with a suitable laser diode in industrial and medical laser diode modules, night-vision devices, barcode readers, leveling lasers, and laser measurement technology.

The LSC-035 is equipped with an additional protective circuit that prevents damage resulting from an ESD, high temperatures, or current peaks. Supply voltage transients are also filtered safely.

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Drive Electronics for CW Laser Diodes

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