Multi-axial Mounts for Your Laser Optics

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Different multi-axial Mounts


Beam alignment is a time-consuming and often nerve-racking job, especially in experimental or lab setups. The desired result is complicated to obtain; thus, one searches for a suitable and simultaneously inexpensive solution to quickly and easily correct this problem.

In addition to standard mounts, LASER COMPONENTS offers a large selection of so-called multi-axial mounts. With these mounts, you can adjust your optics along two to four axes (FHL series) without a problem. Depending on the model, 0.5”-2.0” lenses can be integrated.

Due to high-grade workmanship top quality is guaranteed. The pivotal point of the tilt lies outside of the optical element. The number of offset pairs of threaded bore holes integrated increases the flexibility of your alignment options

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