UV-Laser Beam Profiler with CMOS-Technology

Press Release
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Duderstadt, 16.11.2011, The newest entry-level beam profiler CinCam CMOS-UV is optimized to provide excellent sensitivity from 200-1100nm spectral range. The ultra-compact design enables easy adaption to standard optical imaging systems, attenuators and opto-mechanical components ensuring highest flexibility. In combination with the highly developed beam profiling software RayCi, this new UV-Beam Profiler with 1.3 MPixel CMOS sensor and 5.3µm² pixel size provides accurate laser beam analysis of cw and pulsed laser systems. Unique analytical capabilities and incomparable visualization modes open up new opportunities in laser beam analysis according to ISO standards.

- Laser beam analysis of cw and pulsed lasers
- Implementing / Adjustment / Maintenance of laser systems
- Quick control of laser modes and adjustment errors
- Near-Field and Far-Field analyses of lasers

- Most cost-effective UV-Beam Profiler on the market
- Ultra-compact design for easy integration in optical systems
- MPixel CMOS sensor without cover glass and without microlenses
- Real-time monitoring by a high frame rate and high dynamic range
- Standard high-speed USB 2.0 interface

CINOGY Technologies GmbH is specialized in the research & development and manufacturing of high-quality laser beam profiling systems.

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