Jenoptik opens up new application in laser material processing.

Jenoptik’s Lasers & Material Processing division has won its first orders for laser processing systems used in the manufacture of energy saving high-tech glass, so-called smart windows.

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Jenoptik will be supplying US-American plants with laser processing systems for high-tech glass. With these first orders, Jenoptik successfully enters another growth area for Lasers & Material Processing. In 2011, the new application generated total order intakes in the single figure million euro range.

High-tech glass is used for the manufacture of so-called smart windows. These windows can be electronically adjusted to external lighting conditions, resulting in a significant reduction in the level of energy consumption. Furthermore, these windows open up a wide range of options for the design of buildings. The manufacturing process of high-tech glass resembles the manufacture of thin-film solar cells.

Similarly to thin-film solar cells, high-tech glass consists of a number of extremely thin films, too, which are applied onto the glass. After each application, the films, which are only a few micrometers thin, are structured with high precision. A specially adapted technology is deployed for each structuring process. Jenoptik laser technology is also used for laser edge deletion and, in parts, also for cutting to finished size.

Since 2007, Jenoptik has been supplying laser processing systems for the manufacture of thin-film solar cells to customers worldwide. The knowledge about these laser processes was transferred to the new application and combined with the know-how in the area of laser material processing of brittle materials (e.g. unrefined float glass). Jenoptik was awarded the order as a result of its excellent know-how relating to all aspects of laser material processing, particularly in the area of structuring as well as in laser separation and laser edge isolation.

The partner in the development of this new application is Bystronic glass, one of the leading providers of services, machinery, plants and systems for key areas of glass processing. Bystronic glass and Jenoptik have been working together since 2008.

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