New High-Power-Controller unit for fastest piezo response

Press Release



piezosystem jena presents a consolidated casing system for series ENV piezo controller modules.

The new system comes with an integrated high power main supply module and is distributed under the part no. E-103-921. The line output power is 3.2A, allowing the ENV high voltage piezo controllers to drive piezoelectric actuators at ultra high frequencies.

Actuators can move faster and can reach a target position sooner for applications where a short rise time is required. Ultrafast movement and high precision positioning is a unique feature of piezo positioning technology. That performance is met with the new controller for applications in the semiconductor field, metrology, pick & place and more.

The new casing is built as a 19” rack style, and is available with handles or L-brackets for system integration into 19” configurations. The new systems come with a universal power supply module from 90V to 265V (50-60Hz).

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