New Organic (DSTMS, DAST, OH1) and Inorganic (GaSe, ZnTe) Terahertz Crystals

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THz crystals DSTMS


EKSMA OPTICS, a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of optics, nonlinear & laser crystals and opto-mechanics, has expanded product range and introduces terahertz crystals. Organic and inorganic terahertz crystals are applicable for THz generation and detection using different femtosecond laser pump sources.

Organic THz crystals includes:
DSTMS crystals for efficient terahertz generation in 0.3-15 THz range;
DAST crystals for efficient terahertz generation in 0.1-17 THz range;
OH1 crystals for efficient terahertz generation in 0.1-3 THz range.

Applications of organic DSTMS, DAST and OH1 crystals:
• Very efficient THz generation and detection
• Fast electro-optic modulation (>200 GHz)
• Optical parametric generation
• Efficient doubling of 1.55 microns radiation

Inorganic THz crystals features high damage threshold and generates extremely short and high optical quality THz pulses:
GaSe Z-cut crystals with clear aperture dia 7 mm up to 15 mm and thickness from 30 microns up to 20 mm. ZnTe <110> cut crystals with 10x10 mm aperture and thickness 0.2, 0.5 and 1.0 mm.

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