High Power PBS

Can be used as high as 15J/cm2 @1064 nm

Press Release

Dayoptics PBS

July 15, 2011

Dayoptics has successfully manufactured optically bonding PBS (Polarization Beam Splitter) which can be used as high as 15J/cm2 @1064 nm 10 ns and 20Hz laser.

Dayoptics PBS

The High Power PBS based on optically bonding technology which can withstand >15J/cm2 @1064nm 20ns, 20Hz.

The advantages are: Epoxy Free; high transmission (Tp>97%), high extinction ratio (>30dB), various dimension (1mm to 38.1mm), various wavelength available (1064nm, 532nm, 980nm, 450-650nm, 700-900nm, etc.).

Dayoptics PBS

 High Damaged Threshold: ~15J/cm2 @ 1064nm 10ns, 20Hz
 Optically Contacted: Epoxy Free
 Transmission:> 96% @ Central Wavelength
 Extinction Ratio: Better than 35dB
 Dimension: from 1mm to 38 mm
 Various Wavelength Available
 Epoxy Free Assemblies
 high power waveplate
 Broadband High power PBS (500-680nm, 700-1000nm, etc.)
 Isolator or Beam displacer

For price and other information, please visit Day Optics web site at: http://www.dayoptics.com/high/index.html

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