DKDP Electro-Optic/Q-switching Crystals

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EKSMA OPTICS publishes online catalogue updates of DKDP electro-optic crystals. The manufacturer of photonics components has expanded its crystals product line and offers DKDP crystals of cylinder shape for OEM and R&D customers. The company as a standard provides crystals with surface flatness better than lambda/6 @ 633 nm, parallel to 30 arc sec between polished faces and 20/10 scr/dig surface quality.

Cylinder shape electro-optic DKDP crystals for Q-Switching of standard sizes dia 9 x 20 mm and dia 12 x 24 mm are now available. Visit updated online catalogue sections here

EKSMA OPTICS offers high damage threshold dielectric thin film AR coatings for DKDP crystals. Coatings also protect hygroscopic crystal faces against fogging and crystals can be installed in the housings without windows, not sealed. The heater operating at ~50deg C for crystal temperature stabilization and additional protection against moisture is recommended. Company offers several heater modifications for DKDP harmonic generation crystals.

Available wavelengths and combinations for AR coatings:
• AR at 1064nm, R<0.2% /per face
• AR at 1064+532 nm, R<0,25%+0,5% /per face
• AR at 532 nm, R<0,25% /per face
• AR at 355 nm, R<1% /per face
• AR at 266 nm, R<1% /per face

EKSMA OPTICS guarantees laser induced damage threshold for AR @ 1064 nm coating: >500 MW/cm2 at 10 Hz, 10 ns pulse duration, 1064 nm laser.

EKSMA OPTICS can provide quality certification of DKDP crystals including transmitted wavefront distortion interferograms, precise reflection coefficients measured with laser (OPO) spectrophotometer, wedge/parallelism measurement with precise ganiometers, surface photos under high magnification, etc.

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