High performance diode laser modules from Cobolt

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Cobolt MLD lasers

November 24, 2011

Cobolt AB announces the release of the Cobolt MLD Series lasers, high performance laser diode modules covering a spectral range between 405 and 660nm. The lasers offer optimum beam quality and modulation performance from a small and compact package. Manufacturing using Cobolt’s unique HTCure™ Technology ensures world-class quality reliability and lifetime, as well as unmatched robustness.

The Cobolt MLD lasers provide a spectral complement to the company’s lines of high performance CW DPSS lasers for demanding fluorescence analysis applications such as confocal microscopy and flow cytometry. In addition, the Cobolt MLD lasers add the feature of direct intensity modulation capability, allowing fast and deep modulation from versatile input signals. The selection of wavelengths combined with direct intensity modulation capability make the Cobolt MLD lasers a perfect choice also in applications such as Optogenetics, Microlithography or Metrology.

Cobolt has designed an easy-to-integrate compact diode laser module with all control electronics fully integrated in a laser head of industry standard size. An optional external control box allows CDRH compliant operation with a key-switch and emission indicators.

The Cobolt MLD Series lasers are intended for stand-alone use in laboratory environment, or for integration as an OEM component in analytical or metrology instrumentation equipment.

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