Elbit Systems Unveils A New Handheld Night Observation System NOX For Law Enforcement, Patrol and Anti-Terror Missions

The system can identify details such as facial features, license plates, etc., in total darkness, even in adverse weather conditions

Press Release


Haifa, Israel, November 16, 2009 - Elbit Systems Ltd. will unveil its new observation system "NOX" at the Milipol exhibition (Paris, France, 17-20 November). , the system was installed and flown on-board AATD's EH-60L helicopter.

The innovative system is based on unique night vision technology, combining sensitive sensors, lasers, cameras and advanced image processing capabilities.
The unique gating technology and connectivity allows the system precise object identification even in total darkness and adverse weather conditions.
The system is portable, handheld, and lightweight and operates on commercial batteries, eliminating the need for fixed power source, thus, enabling NOX to serve as a highly effective solution for law-enforcement, patrol and anti-terror missions.

NOX uniquely answers "moving forces" need for high identification abilities in total darkness, and is well suited for special law-enforcement forces such as border guard and coast guard forces, customs police and anti-terror units.
The new system has also enjoyed growing interest from events security providers for major international sports and other events.
The system has already been ordered by several customers worldwide.

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