SkyLite B, mini-UAV

SKYLITE B UAS Breaks World Records in High Altitude and Extended Range Flight

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SkyLite B

Rafael and Bluebird Aero Systems Report on Latest Flight Demonstrations
October 22, 2008 – Haifa. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. together with Bluebird Aero Systems Ltd., announces that the SkyLite B, mini-UAV, reached the remarkable flight ceiling of 36,000 ft during recent demonstrations of operational flight capabilities for a tactical reconnaissance team operating in mountainous areas.

The SkyLite B is a man-portable or vehicle mounted, long endurance mini-UAV system designed to provide tactical units with independent ISR capabilities. SkyLite B is specially equipped with advanced image processing capabilities, including automatic motion detection.

The demonstration that was held last month, was one of a series of worldwide demonstrations executed in order to prove the extended performance envelope of the UAS in its operational environment.
During that demonstration, the SkyLite B proved that can be launched from high altitudes of 14,500 ft (where the air density is less than 60% of the sea level atmosphere and gusts of wind are strong and dangerous) and can climb and perform its ISR missions admirably even at greater altitudes of up to 36,000 ft.
This is especially important for intelligence gathering and tactical units that need to operate independently in mountainous regions on patrol missions.
The SkyLite B displayed its extreme versatility and uniqueness by breaking flight endurance records of over 3.5 hours while executing an operational target tracking mission with an operational flight range of 42 km; no small feat for and electric powered mini-UAV.

SkyLite B

Mr. Lova Drori, Vice President Marketing at Rafael says that "We are pleased by the results of these latest flight tests, during which we reached our customers' operational demands and exceeded them.

The robustness of the SkyLite B system has once again proven its high operational efficiency for a wide range of patrol and intelligence missions."

Mr. Ronen Nadir, President and CEO of Bluebird Aero Systems says that "We are not surprised by the unprecedented altitude, range and endurance results. The SkyLiteB was distinctly designed to push the performance envelope to the full extent and provide unmatched capabilities".

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