Ophir Optronics’ CO2 Optics Group Introduces EZ-Pack

The First Floating-Lens, Vacuum-Sealed Packaging For Industrial Laser Optics

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Ophir EZ-Pack

Environmentally-friendly packaging minimizes contact with optical surfaces and maximizes shelf-life
Jerusalem, Israel, 25 May 2008 – Ophir Optronics Ltd., a global leader in precision IR optics components and laser measurement equipment, announced today that its CO2 Optics Group has unveiled EZ-Pack, the most advanced form of packaging for industrial laser optics.

Composed of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), a recyclable plastic widely used in the beverage industry, EZ-Pack is both environmentally-friendly and durable. Due to EZ-Pack’s innovative design, the lens practically “floats” within its enclosure, eliminating the need for wrapping paper and a plastic bag. Because no material comes in contact with the optical surfaces, there is no potentially dirt of loose fibers to contend and no cleaning is required prior to mounting. Every unit is vacuum-sealed to prevent humidity and extend the lens' shelf-life.

EZ-Pack is now available for standard 1.5-inch diameter laser lenses. Future versions of the product are being planned for other lenses and mirrors sizes.

“Proper packaging, shipment and storage of laser optics can greatly extend shelf-life,” explained Mr. Yehiel Plaut, Sales and Marketing Manager for Ophir Optronics' CO2 Optics Group. “With EZ-Pack, lenses arrive ready-to-use. Its modular, stackable design enables easy re-packing and re-storing.”

About Ophir Optronics / CO2 Optics Group:
Established in 1976, Ophir Optronics is a global leader in precision IR optics components and laser measurement equipment.

Our CO2 Optics Group produces a full range of OEM and replacement optics including beam-delivery and cavity optics as well as windows. Ophir provides the highest quality CO2 optics at the best price.

The second largest OEM supplier in the world, all manufacturing is done in-house using automated CNC technology assuring complete uniformity. Driven by innovation, we’ve produced a longer lasting lens, radioactive free coating, called Black Magic™. Our commitment to the customer is second to none, with a global distribution and support network. This unwavering commitment to forward thinking helps keep us “a cut above the rest”. For more information, visit

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