Nivisys Industries, LLC, Receives FAA TSO-C164

Nivisys Industries, LLC, Receives FAA Aviator Night Vision Goggle TSO C164 Certification

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TEMPE, AZ – August 1, 2008 – Nivisys Industries, LLC, a leader in Night Vision and Thermal technologies, announced today that they have received the first FAA TSO-C164 approval for their NVAG-6 Night Vision Aviator Goggle. Nivisys is the first company to apply for and receive this unique certification. The letter of certification was issued by the FAA Los Angeles Certification Office on July 29, 2008.

According to Allen Harding, CEO of Nivisys, “This is a historical moment for Civil Aviator Night Vision safety. Nivisys is now the first and only company certified for the production of Night Vision Goggles under FAA TSO-C164.” FAA TSO stands for Federal Aviation Administration, Technical Standard Order. This Technical Standard Order (C164) authorizes the recipient to produce and deliver Night Vision Goggles (NVG’s) for use in the civil aviation community under the approval of the FAA.

Gary Higman, Manager of Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Programs for Nivisys was the primary driver within Nivisys for this endeavor. “Nivisys decided two years ago that aviation safety hinged on FAA approved NVG’s and that Nivisys would be at the forefront” Mr. Higman continued with “Our efforts will provide the civil aviation community, including Law Enforcement, Medical Responders (EMS), and Search and Rescue Units with qualified and certified NVG’s under the eyes of the FAA.”

Nivisys’ Senior Technical Applications Manager, Lee A. Stephens, noted that the certification process has been a 2 year effort that required cooperation between Nivisys and the FAA as well as coordination with third party evaluators for independent validation and certification. “Our certification process is unprecedented in this industry. The Phoenix/Scottsdale FAA MIDO (Manufacturing Inspection District Office) was of great assistance and guidance with this undertaking. Nivisys has certified our NVAG-6 to the most stringent of electro-optical and environmental conditions which proved performance above and beyond that of RTCA DO-275, the governing performance specification for Night Vision Devices in civil aviation applications.”

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