Elbit Systems to Equip IAF Blackhawk and CH 53 Helicopters with Advanced Helmet Mounted Systems

For the first time, some of the helicopters will also be equipped with Line of Sight systems, enabling the pilot to slave on board sensors and Command and Control systems

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Haifa, Israel, November 4, 2008 – Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:ESLT) announced it has been awarded a contract to supply ANVIS/HUD® systems for the Israeli Air Force Blackhawk ("Yanshuf") and CH 53 ("Yasur") helicopters. The project, in an amount not material to Elbit Systems, is scheduled to be completed within 2009.

The new Head-up Display systems will enable the helicopter pilot to fly "head out of the cockpit", day & night, while having all the flight data projected onto the helmet. This new feature is crucial as it allows the pilot to perform missions successfully, ensuring high situational awareness and safety. The systems' contribution to flight safety is mostly significant in extreme night and weather conditions, in operational flights and during low visibility landings (LVL).

Furthermore, this is the first time Elbit Systems is implementing the new ANVIS/HUD® feature Line of Sight (LOS) for use in utility helicopters.
This feature allows correlation with the pilot's line of sight and designation of waypoints on the navigation system in real-time, such as targets, threats and intelligence.
Additionally, the system improves pilot coordination by allowing each crew member to track the other's line of sight, eliminating the need for verbal communication between the crew.

Yoram Shmueli, Joint General Manager of Elbit Systems' Aerospace Division, said: "We see the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a key client, and we are very proud of being able to contribute to the safety and air superiority of Israel Air Force pilots."

Elbit Systems is a worldwide leader in the head-up display market, and has delivered to date over 6,000 ANVIS/HUD® systems to various helicopter types.

Elbit Systems' innovative Line of Sight (LOS) system is suitable for both attack and tactical transport helicopters and has already been supplied to several customers worldwide.

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