Photonics & Physics

TOPTICA goes round – and presents photons in all sizes, shapes and colors at LASER 2013

TOPTICA presents one of the largest selections of diode and ultrafast fiber lasers for photonics applications at the upcoming LASER World of Photonics 2013 show in Munich.

PG&O® Provides Customized Optical Components for Shortwave Infrared Imaging (SWIR) Applications

Ideal for imaging through environmental conditions such as night time, fog, smoke, and water vapor, PG&O’s SWIR filters enhance performance to deliver higher quality images with greater detail than is possible without the use of optimized filters.

Femto to short pulse: new precision in industrial production

The new ultrashort-pulsed laser source completes ROFIN's femto to short pulsed laser product lineup, now consisting of StarFemto FX, StarPico and PowerLine Pico. The lasers will be integrated into the manufacturer's market-leading turnkey solutions, notably the modular processing system MPS and the fine cutting workstation StarCut Tube.


Leicester scientists organise groundbreaking Saturn observational campaign

University of Leicester planetary scientists have collaborated with an international team of researchers to organise the largest ever observational campaign of Saturn’s auroras.

Kepler's supernova came from young, metal-rich star, UT Arlington researcher finds

The supernova observed by Johannes Kepler in 1604, known as “Kepler’s supernova,” came from a relatively young star that was rich in metals, according to research published by The Astrophysical Journal Letters and co-authored by a UT Arlington assistant professor.

Blame it on the Rain (from Saturn's Rings)

A new study tracks the "rain" of charged water particles into the atmosphere of Saturn and finds there is more of it and it falls across larger areas of the planet than previously thought.

Did UA Mars Camera Find Lost Spacecraft?

Hardware from a Soviet spacecraft that went silent only seconds after making the first successful soft landing on Mars in 1971 might appear in images taken by the HiRISE camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Notre Dame astrophysicist discovers planets similar to Earth

Researchers for the first time have identified Earth-sized planets within the habitable zone of a Sun-like star. Images of the star taken by University of Notre Dame astrophysicist Justin Crepp rule out alternative explanations of the data, confirming that five planets orbit Kepler-62, with two located in the habitable zone.

Strange new bursts of gamma-rays point to a new way to destroy a star

A team led by the University of Warwick has pinpointed a new type of exceptionally powerful and long-lived cosmic explosion, prompting a theory that they arise in the violent death throes of a supergiant star.

Imaging & Machine Vision

World’s First emICCD Camera Delivers Single Photon Sensitivity and Subnanosecond Time Resolution

The PI-MAX® 4 camera combines the advantages of intensifiers (i.e., ultrashort, subnanosecond exposure times) and the benefits of EMCCDs (i.e., linear gain and high quantum efficiency) to provide single-photon sensitivity and quantitative performance for scientific imaging and spectroscopy applications.

AVT presents cameras for scientific imaging at Laser World of Photonics

In keeping with the motto “Scientific Solutions", Allied Vision Technologies will present its offering of high-performance digital cameras for scientific imaging at Laser World of Photonics. From May 13 to16 2013, visitors to Messe München can discover the latest in camera technology at the AVT booth.


Equipped with the lightning-fast CMV300 VGA sensor from CMOSIS, Baumer’s new MXG03 board level camera delivers very high frame rates up to 250 frames/s, can be integrated into extremely small spaces and keeps pace with the fastest industry applications. The camera uses a flex print to connect the sensor and system board, which allows the camera to fit easily into almost any mechanical design.

Medical Engineering

Biological transistor enables computing within living cells, study says

Bioengineers have developed a biological transistor made from DNA and RNA that allows them to compute inside a cell to study or reprogram what happens in a living system

Canon’s new CR-2 Plus AF digital non-mydriatic retinal camera features four automatic functions, delivers improved operability

Canon’s new CR-2 Plus AF digital non-mydriatic retinal camera, successor to the well-received CR-2 Plus (released in October 2011), enables examinations without the use of pupil-dilating eye drops. Incorporating a dedicated digital SLR camera unit, the device makes possible high-quality imaging performance despite its compact, lightweight body design.

Patterning graphene with DNA

Folded DNA templates allow researchers to precisely cut out graphene shapes, which could be used in electronic circuits.

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Aircraft Sensors without Batteries or Cables

An idea from EADS and Vienna University of Technology is taking off: in a joint project, Energy Harvester Modules suitable for aircrafts have been tested, which should supply sensor nodes with electrical power in the future.


The KT Series is ideal for use in green applications, such as photovoltaic technology or hybrid vehicles. It is particularly helpful in measuring isolation resistance across several components in a solar energy system prior to grid connection, preventing injury or further current leakages.

Stanford scientists calculate the carbon footprint of grid-scale battery technologies

The fossil fuel required to build grid-scale batteries could negate some of the environmental benefits of new solar and wind farms, say Stanford scientists.

Lockheed Martin Powers on the First GPS III Satellite

The GPS III program will affordably replace aging GPS satellites, while improving capability to meet the evolving demands of military, commercial and civilian users. GPS III satellites will deliver better accuracy and improved anti-jamming power while enhancing the spacecraft’s design life and adding a new civil signal designed to be interoperable with international global navigation satellite systems.


Canon launches entry-model EOS Kiss X7, world’s smallest and lightest digital SLR camera with APS-C size sensor

The new Canon EOS Kiss X7 was developed to deliver the same high levels of image quality and autofocus performance users have come to expect from a digital SLR camera while responding to the strong demand for a model that is smaller and lighter in weight.

Panasonic Introduces the DMC-GF6, A Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera, to the LUMIX G Family

The new 16.00–megapixel Live MOS Sensor achieves both high-resolution and high sensitivity image and video recording. The Venus Engine was also newly developed for the GF6 to attain both high-performance signal processing and noise reduction, achieving a maximum ISO 25,600 (Extended) making the most of the new sensor.


Fujitsu Develops Next-Generation User Interface for Intuitive Touch-Based Operations

Next-Generation User Interface

This new technology can accurately detect where the user's finger is and what it is touching, and uses off-the-shelf cameras and projectors. This eliminates the need for expensive equipment and overcomes imprecise tracking—issues posed by conventional technologies.


ARCHOS Unveils Affordable Unlocked Android 3G+ Smartphone Line

ARCHOS 3G+ Smartphone Line

New Platinum range will allow end-users to experience full access to the Android ecosystem, IPS screens, Quad-core CPUs and 8 Megapixel cameras in a sleek design


Epson Introduces the Ultimate Meeting Room Productivity Tool

BrightLink Pro 1410Wi

The BrightLink Pro turns a traditional whiteboard, wall or virtually any flat surface into a new digital surface and offers a variety of features to boost meeting room collaboration, including video conferencing compatibility and remote collaboration.


Life style

BaselWorld 2013 preview

BIG BANG CAVIAR Steel Diamonds

BIG BANG CAVIAR Red Gold Diamonds. BIG BANG CAVIAR Steel Diamonds


Montegrappa and the National Institute's of Fine Arts Foundation present the new pen: "Palacio de Bellas Artes" (Palaca of fine Arts)

Palacio de Bellas Artes

The new pen in the Mexico Collection has been created by Montegrappa to celebrate the fine arts. This superlative writing instrument expresses the beautiful architecture of this important element of Mexican culture through the refined engraving and extraordinary details throughout the pen’s body.