A new interpretation of the core principles of quantum mechanics

Non-local quantum correlation has been fully demonstrated experimentally over the past half century. The limitation of e…

UW–Madison, industry partners run quantum algorithm on neutral atom quantum computer for the first time

A university-industry collaboration has successfully run a quantum algorithm on a type of quantum computer known as a co…

MKS Launches Versatile >50 W Green Picosecond Laser

The laser is rugged and compact, enabling easy integration into machine tools. The IceFyre GR50 laser is ideal for

Silicon-carbide modulator overcomes decades long 'missing block'

Electro-optic modulators encode electrical signals onto an optical carrier. They are essential for the operation of glob…

International team of scientists finds new and simpler way to generate “quantum light”

Here the researchers proposed and demonstrated a new and utterly simple way to generate entangled light. It exploits the…



Disorder-engineered inorganic nanocrystals set a new efficiency record for ultrathin solar cells

In their study, the researchers cleverly engineered the layer of nanocrystals in the cell with an unconventional approach called cation disorder engineering. To do this, they took the

ICFO researcher Yongjie Wang holding the device in his hand with ICREA Prof. at ICFO Gerasimos Konstantatos in the back