Physicists Invent Intelligent Quantum Sensor of Light Waves

The sensing device that Zhang and his colleagues chose to demonstrate their new idea incorporates two layers of relative…

Quantum Physics: A New Surfboard for Electrons

This technique allows for synchronising multiple quantum nodes with great precision, for since the information is locate…

Highly Reflecting Mirrors from the Inkjet Printer

Bragg mirrors are produced by applying several thin layers of materials onto a carrier. The resulting optical mirror spe…

What quantum information and snowflakes have in common, and what we can do about it

New research from CU Boulder and NIST may be a leap forward for handling qubits with a light touch. In the study, a team…

Increasing geometrical freedom in glass: laser-manufactured 3D microstructures for complex photonic components

In this process, the laser beam is focused through a transparent component onto the rear side and moved over the surface…



Sharp Achieves World’s Highest Conversion Efficiency of 32.65% in a Lightweight, Flexible, Practically Sized Solar Module

The new prototype solar module, which uses a triple-junction compound design, is both lightweight and flexible thanks to its structure, which

Lightweight, flexible solar module with a conversion efficiency of 32.65%

New world records: perovskite-on-silicon-tandem solar cells

EPFL and CSEM smash through the 30% efficiency barrier for perovskite-on-silicon-tandem solar cells—setting two certified world records

Disorder-engineered inorganic nanocrystals set a new efficiency record for ultrathin solar cells

An international team of researchers from ICFO, University College London, and Imperial College London, report on a novel disorder-engineering technique for inorganic solar cells that achieves a record-breaking power conversion efficiency.