Innovative Variable Beam Splitters

Adjustable Beam Splitters from LASER COMPONENTS

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Innovative Variable Beam Splitter


High power beam splitters are used to split a laser beam into two partial beams. Conventional production of such a dielectric layer has a tolerance of ± 3% or higher. With a special IBS coating, offered by LASER COMPONENTS, the tolerance can be reduced to just ± 1%.

In very challenging applications a laser user will want to avoid tolerances of even ± 1%. In addition, there are applications in which one ends up with different losses in each beam path after adjustment.

For these applications, LASER COMPONENTS has designed a variable beam splitter that has a position-dependent reflection profile. By moving the beam splitter one can obtain a reflection value between ± 5% depending on the position. The values can be continuously adjusted. The coating is produced using an IAD process; therefore, it does not exhibit a noteworthy drift. Due to the active adjustment, the laser beam cannot only be very precisely split, but it can be split without any absorption losses.

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