Compact narrow linewidth 405 nm lasers for Raman

The Cobolt 08-DPL 532 nm and 561 nm are truly SLM with excellent spectral purity and wavelength stability while the

New silicon structure opens the gate to quantum computers

The team constructed a gate that controls interactions between the electrons in a way that allows them to act as the qua…

Columbia engineers create artificial graphene in a nanofabricated semiconductor structure

The team probed the electronic states of the artificial lattices by shining laser light on them and measuring the light …

Scientists suggested using titanium nitride instead of gold in optoelectronics

An international team of scientists from Russia, Sweden and the USA suggested replacing gold and silver, which are used …

Long-lived storage of a photonic qubit for worldwide teleportation

The coherence time of the stored quantum bit outlasts 100 milliseconds and therefore matches the requirement for the cre…



Glass with switchable opacity could improve solar cells and LEDs

This is the first time that glass has been made with such high levels of haze and light transmittance at the same time, a combination of properties that could help boost the performance of solar cells and

Glass Comparison

Solar power advances possible with new ‘double-glazing’ device

New ‘double-glazed’ solar power device opens up fresh opportunities to develop more advanced photovoltaics – invented by University of Warwick researchers

NREL Develops Switchable Solar Window

Demonstration device dynamically responds to sunlight by transforming from transparent to tinted while converting sunlight into electricity