SmartComp™ From Prima Power Laserdyne Ensures That Laser Cut, Drilled And Welded Features Of 3D Parts Processed On A Rotary Table Are In The Most Precise Location

SmartComp is an application inspired programming tool that ensures that laser welds, laser drilled holes, and laser cut …

Switching with molecules

The researchers used the fragment to direct laser light to the molecule and measure tiny spectroscopic signals that vary…

Nuclear physicists leap into quantum computing with first simulations of atomic nucleus

The team performed more than 700,000 quantum computing measurements of the energy of a deuteron, the

LZH showcases laser material processing of tomorrow at the LASYS 2018

At this year's LASYS, the LZH will exhibit light-based processes such as cutting, welding, ablation and structuring as w…

The first wireless flying robotic insect takes off

RoboFly is slightly heavier than a toothpick and is powered by a laser beam. It uses a tiny onboard circuit that convert…



Panasonic and Pika Energy Upgrade Industry's Most Powerful and Efficient Smart Battery for Solar Storage

The solar-ready Harbor Plus Smart Battery is powered by six Panasonic Lithium-Ion battery modules connected in series for built-in redundancy. This robust design coupled with 17.1 kWh of usable energy and up to 10 kW of power can support homeowners for

Harbor Flex smart battery